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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Humming Right Along

Greetings all you bloodhounds sniffing out the fleeing perpetrator of Truth! Baba Doodlius here, with a Revelation of another Mystery of the Universe!

  • (Note to self: come up with something better than "bloodhounds" next time.)

I am going to confess something to you today: For many years I thought I was

Going Insane!

Why, you ask, did I feel this way? Well, it was because I had this persistent ringing in my ears, a low, almost imperceptible background "hum" that I thought was purely imaginary. Plus, anyone who has ever experienced ear-ringing (also known as "tinnitus") knows that if it lasts for any significant length of time it can drive you batshit crazy all by itself!

Recently, though, modern science has taught me that I was actually NOT going insane. I wasn't hearing non-existent sounds - I was hearing a REAL sound!

I was hearing the humming of the Earth itself!

You don't believe me, do you? "The Earth doesn't hum, you stupid crazy bird", you're saying to your computer screen right now! Well Mr. or Ms. Smartypants, check this out and then tell me how stupid and crazy I am!

Earth's Hum Sounds More Mysterious Than Ever

For those of you to busy (lazy?) to click the link to read the story, it starts off with this:

"Earth gives off a relentless hum of countless notes completely imperceptible to the human ear, like a giant, exceptionally quiet symphony, but the origin of this sound remains a mystery... Researchers call it Earth's hum. "

Yep, the Earth is humming. You read that right, the planet you live on is emitting a constant, albeit very quiet, hum that is imperceptible to human ears. Unfortunately for me (in this case), I am not a human, and I happen to have super-tuned auditory reception capability that can pick up sounds that no other earthling can detect! (Sometimes it's hard being the Great and Powerful Baba Doodlius!)

So what's up with the Earth and it's "relentless hum"? What could this possibly mean? And how can we ever understand the immense cosmic significance of this "giant, exceptionally quiet symphony"?

I knew that there was only one way to answer such questions: I, the Great and Powerful Baba Doodlius, must become

One with the Earth!

Here's me becoming One with the Earth. "Ommmmmmmm!" Or as when electricians meditate, "Ohmmmmm".

I got into some serious meditation to make this happen. I managed to reach a state of Supreme Oneness with the Earth Itself! I felt a kinship with the planet you live on! I got so friendly with Earth that we struck up a conversation. It went something like this:

Baba Doodlius: Hi there Earth! Howya doin'?

Earth: Baba! Whazzup!?!

BD: Oh, not a heck of a lot, just doing some meditation. Hey, this "altered-state-of-consciousness" stuff is seriously cool!

E: Oh, don't I know it! I've been getting high on diesel fumes ever since humans invented internal combustion! It blows my mind, man!

BD: You know, you really should lay off that stuff, dude, it can really mess you up. Reduces life expectancy and all.

E: Yeah, you're right. I'm trying to cut down.

BD: Smart planet!

E: Hey I've been around for billions of years, I ought to have accumulated some wisdom, you know.

BD: Billions of years? You don't look a day over 500 million!

E: Oh stop it!

BD: No, you look great! Have you been moisturizing?

E: Well, my surface is 75% water, so I guess I kinda have been by default.

BD: And it's really working!

E: Thanks Baba! You're too kind!

BD: Say, Earth, I have this gig where I solve Myseries of the Universe, and...

E: Oh yeah, that blog of yours! I read that all the time, it's tremendously informative as well as entertaining!

BD: You read my blog? A big, famous planet like you reads my blog? I'm flattered!

E: Oh, I love it! Except you don't post very often. Do you know your last post was almost a month ago?

BD: Yeah, well, sorry about that. Sometimes I just get busy doing bird-related stuff and I lose track of time. I'll try to put up stuff more often.

E: That would be nice.

BD: Anyway, as I was saying, I reveal Mysteries of the Universe, and there's one in particular you can help me with.

E: Is it about how much oil I have left? Because I can't tell anybody that, it would ruin the surprise.

BD: No, it's not about oil. It's about your humming.

E: Oh, that old story! Yeah, I hum all the time. Sometimes I even sing!

BD: So I'm NOT crazy! You really are humming!

E: Yeah, is that so strange? Everybody does it occasionally.

BD: I suppose that's true. So, what's up with that anyway? Why all the humming and singing?

E: Oh, well, that's no big secret - I've got this song stuck in my mantle and I can't get it out!

BD: Oh, that's horrible!

E: Tell me about it! Want me to hum a few bars for you?

BD: NO! No, that won't be necessary! I'd hate to pass along a stuck-song to all my readers out there (all seven of them).

E: Oh, it won't hurt to hear just a little of it. Here goes!

<-- Turn on your sound and click to hear the Earth's lovely song


At this point I snapped out of my meditative state, awash in a cold sweat, with those horrible, horrible notes going around in my head! Thanks a lot, Earth! He may be a decent planet, but he sure can be a real jerk sometimes!

If you would like to get this song stuck in your head legally, you may purchase it here.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

A-weema-weh, A-weema-weh, A-weema-weh, A-aaaaaaaaaaaagh!

moooooog35 said...

I really thought it was going to be that Bobbie Mcferrin song.

You know...

"Don't Happy."

That's right.

You will now have that song burned into your head for the rest of the day.

You're welcome.

Delirious said...

Thanks for letting us know it is humming...I always thought it was groaning from having to put up with what we are doing to it. ;)

Gorilla Bananas said...

I think our planet has a crush on you. Maybe you should chance it and fly down a volcano.

Retroartist said...

At least it's only The Lion Sleeps Tonight and not It's A Small World (Disneyland)!

Baba Doodlius said...

squirrel: on behalf of the earth. I wholeheartedly apologize.

moooog: "Don't Worry Be Happy" is the greatestest song in the history of history!

delirious: Yes, I suppose humming is better than screaming.

gorilla: I take it from your comment that gorillas get songs stuck in their heads too?

retro: I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill you for that.

cathy said...

Great post, kill retro for me too!
I got Daddy Cool stuck in my head last year, It was awful!

Lydia said...

OMG! I get a humming in my ears occasionally, it's almost like the tuning in of a radio channel. So that's what it is. It's the earth! HOW INTERSTING! Thanks for sharing.

i beati said...

no humming just that damanble song - which I used to like - Happy Weekend Baba!!

The Topiary Cow said...

Oh Great and Powerful Baba Doodlius:

Cow is very impressed with your blog. And with your person, of such a beauteous green. Reminds Cow of Topiary. Which doesn't hum, by the way.

Carry on.


Baba Doodlius said...

cathy: Thanks! And consider him killed, I know where he lives. Or at very least I'll fly over his car and drop a green bomb.

lydia: so you can hear it too, eh? you must be one sharp-eared human!

i beati: in the jungle, the mighty jungle... AAAGGHH!

cow: you flatter me. Nice, peaceful, non-humming topiary - ahhhhh! Moo to you too!

AZZITIZZ said...

Thats me humming now for the rest of the day!
Lets see who I can pass it on to and get them humming too without them realising. Mwa ha har!

InnerNinja said...

every time i think i've gone off the deep end, i come over here, and i realize there are a few others with as whacked a sense of humor as i, and it gives me hope. brilliant post!

Poetikat said...

The Earth hums? That explains so much. As a kid I used to hear the radio when I was trying to fall asleep. I thought my (many) fillings were picking up signals. Now I know what it was! Thanks BD, you've cleared up a long unresolved mystery, yet again!
By the way, is it the Nylons version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, or the Tokens version?


Baba Doodlius said...

azzy: Hey, how are you? Things going any better over in your neck of the planet? I'll drop by later.

ninja: well thank you, thankyouverymuch. I just report the Truth and I'm always happy when someone finds it amusing!

kat: That would be the Tokens. This song was only covered by about 200 performers, though, so you can really take your pick.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

That was so odd listening to that song. It took me back to the days of reel to reel music being played at home. That song and also The Elephant Walk. And all the time it was the Earth humming along.

Poetikat said...

Hey Dood, don't forget to send your address for the Post to Post launch!


Marja said...

Hi Baba. I've have heard that hum and I am not even a bird. Couldn't
listen to the song though because I am at work, but I don't want it stuck in my head anyway. Very clever to communicate with Earth

Poetikat said...

Sorry you're not able to participate in the P to P, Dood, but that's cool! I understand. sniff. sniff.


AZZITIZZ said...

Hey Doody,
I'm fine thanks. Your blog gives me a great lift every time I visit, even on the stinkiest of days you cheer me up!

Poetikat said...

Hey Doody (like that!)

Check out my new story on Poetikat's it's not what you might expect.

Hope you're doing well and investigating something new and amazing.

odd facts said...

Now I'll have that song stuck in my head!!

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