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Monday, August 6, 2007

A personal favorite of mine

Howdy all you fans of mystery solving. Welcome back!

Today I am going to reveal a secret that has had so much speculation for the last several thousand years that its really amazing that nobody has hit on the truth yet, even if just from random guessing. It seems that everybody and his dog has had a crack at solving this mystery, but nobody has figured it out yet - until now! I am referring to


Not to slight any other pyramids built in various locales throughout the world, but today I will only discuss the best known pyramids, those, of course, being the really big ones in Egypt.

Among the theories of pyramid construction are the following:

1) They were built by space aliens tooling around in UFOs
2) They were made of concrete, poured rather than piled up
3) They were built by just the Egyptians themselves, with raw muscle power and engineering skill

These theories, of course, are all ridiculous. They were not made out of concrete, and plain old Egyptians, despite their considerable engineering skill, didn't have the aggregate muscle power to pile up all those rocks in a few hundred years. Clearly they had help, making the space aliens theory the most promising, and oddly enough, closest to the truth. However, there was nothing unidentified about the flying objects that helped the Pharaoh and friends build these artificial mountains. I, Baba Doodlius, via a variant of my patented Reverse K.E.G. Process, have travelled *back in time* with my trusty camera to obtain photographic evidence of the REAL method of Egyptian pyramid construction:

(As usual, click image for larger view)

The Egyptian pyramids were built by enormous birds!

If you just think about it for a minute, this makes perfect sense. If you look at Egyptian hieroglyphic writing, it's top heavy with pictures of birds:

, among others. Then take a look at some statues of one of their more important gods Horus. They actually made some statues of this guy that were 20 feet tall, which is a little scaled down from the actual birds that helped build all their large structures but still pretty big. Lastly, just think of the shape of a pile of bird poo as it builds up over time - it looks rather like a pyramid!

Clearly, birds were very important and inspirational to the Egyptians. Now we know that the reason for this is that a flock of humongous birds actually helped the Egyptians build their monuments, temples, and tombs. Birds, as the wise, ancient Egyptians knew, are way cool.

This post was not in any way influenced by the fact that I'm a bird. Have a nice day!


Doctor Rick said...

I have a bird like that at home. He's always busy going up an down a ladder, as though he were carrying a load of boulders to the top of a pyramid. Also, he walks like an Egyptian, but sings off key.

indianpedi said...

Hi, I agree with the Space aliens theory entirely.
But I don't think they were birds in the sense we know birds...with feathers and things, I mean. But creature who flew in spacecraft, perhaps?

NeoAuteur said...

Nice theory. But I thought the pyramids were built by giant cats.

Baba Doodlius said...

Doctor Rick: Personally, I mostly sing "Wah wah wah wahhhh" because I don't ususally know the lyrics.

Indianpedi: Nope, no spacecraft - Big Bird and friends didn't need spacecraft to fly, we just use the ol' wings.

Neoauteur: A common misconception. That's why I posted the authentic photograph, to clear things up.

christina marie said...

I actually lost it in a horrible boating accident and am very sensitive about it, I'd prefer not to talk about it.

Lulubelle B said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...Jeez - and the robots thought my posts were irrelevant and nonsensical! ;^D

Like your blog, too.

- Lulu ( )