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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Many people's favorite mystery

Hi there folks. Baba Doodlius here once again to reveal another Secret of the Universe. This one is a good ol' fashioned creature feature, the real story of


Yes, that huge, mysterious, long-necked creature of the depths of one of Scotland's great lochs. Reports of this critter's antics have spread throughout the globe. Many have even taken photographs of 'Nessie', showing the rough appearance of a prehistoric beast:

Today, through the unimaginable power of Baba Doodlius, the real Secret of the Loch Ness Monster will be revealed!

I managed to enhance this photo, using technology not available to even the most sophisticated earthly spy agencies. I zoomed in, depixellated the rough spots to bring out detail, and even reproduced the original color scheme. What I discovered may shock and amaze you:

<- click for larger view

It's a guy in a kilt practicing for a new Highland Games event, the Aquatic Caber Toss!

So there you have it, the Loch Ness Monster is actually a big Scot carrying a tree.

That's another Secret of the Universe revealed by Baba Doodlius!

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